Get subjective & objective of PEC 8th Class Urdu Past Papers | 8th Class Past Papers for Urdu form 2009 to 2019

All the students who are studying under Punjab Examination Commission PEC are to be informed that 8th class Urdu past papers are available here. If you are still wondering here and there but could not find the proper solution yet. Then say goodbye to your searches. Here you have reached the right platform. Past papers are considered as the good source of good preparation. All the students are to be informed that the past papers they can find through a totally free method. This happens just to bestow a good preparation to the students. This because we believe in the fact that good preparation is a gateway towards good success. So, it is the only reason to provide this facility. Our all of efforts are just for bringing the good academic result. We have a best and comprehensive collection of past papers of Urdu class 8th just at


But, here the question that grows within the minds is that how past papers can be the good source. If the same query irritating you then let us show that how the past papers are important. Do we want to ask from you that are you familiar with the examination system by PEC? Are y totally aware from the paper scheme and marking scheme about the final examination? Do you know how the objective and subjective parts of the papers of class 8th are distributed or arranged? We are sure that you would shake your head with the gesture of “NO”. The solution about all these queries you can find through the past papers. Past papers are actually the previously declared papers to the students. By making a brief view of the 8th class past papers you can make yourself able enough to know about all the aspects of your question paper. Once, you get the proper way to understand the question paper only then you can make the good implements to solve it.

Urdu is the subject which is the most common one in the syllabus. From the primary or even KG section of education, we study the Urdu language. So, we see that from the KG level till the bachelor level doctoral level we study Urdu subject as the compulsory one. I think every single student familiar with the reason about the commonness of this subject. Although, we expose the reason behind the commonness of Urdu language is that Urdu is our native or official language. At 8th standard, the students are asked to study the Urdu subject at the middle level of information. Students study stories, poetries and grammatical rules that are necessary to get a heavy command on the language. is the best platform to provide the past papers to the students. For at least five years past papers of grade 8th students can find here. All the students are to be informed that we are not restricted till the middle level of past papers. However, the students can find the past papers from primary to intermediate level. The past papers of almost all the subjects till the intermediate level are available here. The only reason behind this service is to lead a better way of preparation for the students. As we discuss above that good preparation is the only gateway towards the good success. So, keep join us and have a bit of good luck for your good result. 


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