PEC 8th Class Subject Drawing Past Paper

All the students are to be informed that here at this page you can find 8th class past papers of drawing subject. Past papers of drawing class are available from all the boards of education running in Pakistan. Students are to inform that they can find the past paper from any board of education they need. Here the separate sections are designed for each board of education. Students can also find the paper from the last five years. Now, at this level of education the past papers have got great importance. Students have much tendency to look for the past papers. Actually all these have become possible just because these past papers are the keys towards the success.

After viewing the past papers students become able to know about the different aspects of paper. Students become familiar that in which sections the paper has divided? What is the marking scheme offered by the paper? What is the time limitations to perform the paper? What are the important and repeated questions in the subject? Which topics are important and which are least important? All these aspects are the better way to make a good preparation. So, these are the past papers that allow you to overcome on these aspects.  

Drawing is the subject that is all related to arts and entertainment. It is the most prestigious one. At the middle level of education the students are to be asked to take or study the subject as compulsory one.  



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