Writing and Floating Free Books to Needy People Writing and Floating Free Books to Needy People

 Writing and Floating Free Books to Needy People

Books – An Essential Source of Education

Want to See Educated Pakistan #Build Pakistan2015

I’m overwhelmed that made this goal and writing about it on my blog, I have a dream to see educated Pakistan. When I hear from my uncle who works for PILERS a global organization for labor rights, he quoted the way labor class is treated and lack of education and the way the survive.

I always dream to educate them, fortunately #BuildPaksitan2015 campaign by Linkagoal helped me to work over it in a better manner and connect with like-minded people to work on it.

Learning and education is the most important thing in life. A number of people make numerous efforts to study hard so that they can achieve as much education as possible. We can clearly see this in Pakistan that there is a group of people who get the best education whereas, a number of people despite of being interested never get enough opportunities to acquire education. Those who can enjoy this blessing must be willing enough to make some efforts for the ones who are unable to achieve it.

In order to make the most of my own education and qualification and to help the needy people I have decided to write books on different subjects. I have decided that I will select the major subjects and with all my knowledge and research work I will write books. These books once completed will be printed and published at my own expense and I will float them to the needy people.

I wish to educate each and every citizen of Pakistan and to make this dream come true I have been making a number of efforts. To boost my spirit I have also created a goal for linkagoal.com. My motive to make the most of this website is to get some ideas from people over the linkagoal.com so that I may improve myself in the best possible way. Our country needs education floated all over so that we may turn out among the top countries.

Check my goal to prepare students for exams preparation #BuildPakistan2015