Education costs are rising and that worry so many students in Pakistan College and university fees are hiking day and again in all private and Govt institutions making students worried about their future.

Students from different cities of the city protest in solidarity with the students of the Quaid-e-Azam University (Qayyazim) in Islamabad, and demanded to end the growing price of education in the country.

The demonstrators held on Monday outside the Lahore Press Club, by the Promotional Youth Alliance (PI). Students from different universities, including Engineering and Technology University (UET), Lahore, PU, ​​Lahore University and other educational institutions participated.

The demonstrators demonstrated solidarity with the QAU students and said that in the entire country, students demanded education to eliminate the increasing fee and cost. He raised a slogan against the rise and said that government policies have unusually closed the doors of education.

He said that the country of education was a dream for dreams. Students believe that mid-class families could not afford universities.

The protesters said that on one hand, education was expensive, while others, young graduate jobs are unable to find. He said that students also got millions of fees to get their degree, but remained unemployed. The demonstrators have pointed out that the management of the educational institution, the fear of protesting the students, changed the campus to the prisons of security.

He said that in these institutions officials have given student organizations a free hand to violence, while developers were banned from any activity on campuses.

He further added that the murder of Mishal Khan was evidence that such elements were independent in the affiliates of the country.

Students said that the opportunity for free education and employment was their basic rights. He further added that they will continue to struggle against the right fee and free education right.

"Free education is the basic right of every citizen and all the students have to be removed from their ruling class," PIA National Institute Zenol Abiden said.

He claimed that students of Islamabad are being punished for protest against raising fees. He said that demands of Islamabad students should be accepted and they are being provided free weapons and bus services.

On Sunday eight eight QAU students were fired and 18 other residents, while May 16 were punished for their role in Campus's clashes between two ethnic students. On May 4, students stopped the main road in the way of QAU, due to the suspension of the transmission facility. The move closed the university and the situation worsened, thus suspending all the activities on the campus.