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 Welcome to Pakistan's best online resource to find all matric past papers for all boards in Pakistan. On this page, you'll find past papers from previous years for both 9th and 10th classes for all boards of Pakistan. We continuously keep adding papers for each new year into our system so you'll find all up to date papers right here. If you find any past paper is missing, you can notify us and we'll be happy to add that past paper for the benefit of the students

 Using past papers for the preparation of your 9th and 10th exams is highly benefiical. You can find out what kind of questions are typically asked by the examiners and what chapters are most faviourite among the paper setters. We have provided latest and old papers of matric class for the use of students. You can make any search, find your desired past papers for matric for any board in Pakistan. This will give you a lot of help in preparation of your exams.

All past papers are availabel in the scanned format. You can also download any past paper with ease so you can use them when you are even not connected with internet. You are also encouraged to share these past papers with your class fellows.

We are proud to have offered to most extensive range of past papers for all classes and all baords. Our system is very easy to use and you can also use the quick search widget to find any past paper of your choice.

Matriculation is a key step in your studies, Getting the best possible marks in this class is what matter so much in your future career. We are sure that if you use these matric past papers, you'll certainly be able to understand the exams way better than those who don't study past papers. These up to date papers will give you deep insight into how the paper is created so you can tackle it better. Best wishes for your exams


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