2019 Past Papers of ICS Part 2 All Boards of Pakistan

Usually the students of ics part 2 are well known of their syllabus and books but it is always a difficult thing to prepare for the annual exams of ICS Part 2 because there are so many difficult questions given in the exam paper of ics part 2. Usually the students of ics part 2 do their preparation from the books but when they see the heavy syllabus of ics part 2, they decide to prepare with the help of past papers of ics part 2 because the past papers reduce their burden of studies.

 Intermediate in computer sciences is quite interesting educational programme and students of Pakistan are usually very fond of it. As we all know that the new generation is quite seriously interested in technology and specially computers and Web. They also want to learn how it works and how to operate these things. The students in ICS Part 2 learn all the things in which the young generation is interested so now a days, a large amount of students do their intermediate in computer science due to a good scope of computer studies all over the world. Now this the world of technology and everyone should be awared of computer sciences because every professional field is now  connected with computer in several ways. That's why the interest of computer sciences in the young generation of Pakistan is increasing day by day.

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