ICOM Part 2 2019 Past Papers of All Boards

ICOM is the most popular inter programme among the students in Pakistan. The students in Pakistan usually choose icom for their inter studies because of its heavy scope in the country. Actually icom deals with the professional life. Some students of icom part 2 study because it is easier than science and others study because they want to avail good oppurtunities in the future. Usually the students of icom don't take much pain for the studies which effects their annual exam's result.

For those students who don't take pain for their studies, the past papers of icom part 2 are created so that they can study them a few days before exams and get passed in the annual board exams of icom part 2. All the educational boards of Pakistan have designed the past papers of icom part 2 for the convenience of the students of icom part 2. With the help of past papers of icom part 2, the students can prepare their syllabus in a very short time. There are different time tables of different boards. Some boards take icom part 2 exams in the month of May/June. Pakistan have a very good ratio of passing students in icom part 2. This all happens just because of the interest of students in icom part 2. Students basically see their bright future in intermediate in commerce that's why they choose ICOM.

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