FSc part 2 Sahiwal Board Past Papers 2019

The teachers of many famous coaching centers and academies are usually taking the salaries for free. They are not working enough as their salaries. We know many institutes who charge very high fees from the students of fsc part 2 Sahiwal board but don’t teach them well. Every student have his own capabilities of learning but the teachers can’t understand. They teach every student with the same pattern which is wrong thing. 

If a students who can’t understand the techniques and methods of a teacher then he will be failed in the exams of fsc part 2 Sahiwal board and his all the fees will be wasted. Can anybody tell that who is responsible for the failure of that student? Somebody will think that it is institute, someone will blame the teacher or parents. It is not a fault of an individual. It is the fault of thinking. There should be a changed thinking in the brains of teachers and institutes management. They should start teaching the students of fsc part 2 sahiwal board according to their capabilities. They should get to know that what’s the easiest way of teaching the students.  Actually I want to say that Teachers need to learn how to teach? This was my point of view I don’t know that what do you think.

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