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DAE Past Papers | Punjab Board of Technical Education (PBTE)

Find all the Past Papers of DAE of Punjab Board of Technical Education. You can get all the previous papers of all subjects of DAE on this page. It is the best place to find past papers of DAE of pbte & all subjects.


Old articles are great resources for learning, especially when students prepare for their exams. Working through past work helps them to be of great importance to students in technical consulting. By studying previous documents, students get to know the most important and important parts of their programs.


Punjab Board of Technical Education (pbte) offers various types of diplomas, certificates, technical and vocational education in various fields and studies such as science, art and commerce. The Punjab Technical Education Council (PBTE), the Sindh Technical Training Council (SBTE) and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Education Council (KPBTE) are the country's top three agencies. Several colleges offer short courses, diplomas and certificate programs. PBTE / SBTE / KPBTE are the three technical tips that help students with different types of courses and programs. gave Punjab's students of the Technical Committee the opportunity to study earlier documents from the Technical Committee by clicking on the article "". Previous documents of the Technical Committee on all sorts of topics and programs can be found here at After looking at previous documents, students can understand the paper format and technique for solving the problem as a whole at the right time.

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