Download Objective & Subjective of all Old Papers of Swat Board

Bise Swat 9th Class Past papers:

Are you fed up from key books and model papers and want to get guess material? Here you are in a good place. I will provide a solution for all those students of 9th class who belongs to the board of intermediate and secondary Education Sawat. Let me introduce a little about Sawat Board.

Board of Intermediate and secondary education swat came into existence in 1992 which is responsible for conducting exam assigning duties and registering educational institutes in the region. Swat board is located in kokarai on the marghazar salampur road. All student of 9th class who is worried about their upcoming exam because of having no experience in participating on board exam they should not worry about this situation. Fear of exam is a natural thing but too much fear and anxiety always result in failure of the exam. It’s my humble advice for all students Make a study preparation schedule and must add last five years past papers on this list.



Prepare the last ten years past papers before the exam but if you think it becomes a heavy study burden then must prepare last five years past papers before the last month of exam. But the problem is from where students of 9th can get all OLD PAPERS. Study online is the best solution for saving time and getting all data within a few seconds. Past is the best website for collection all past exam papers. Past, contain all subject past papers for 9th class students. This website can also be installed on mobile phones. After that students would be able to view and download all old exam papers. This is a very useful feature created for the ease of hard-working learners and students. Past website contains all subjects past papers for the 9th class they can prepare those entire subjects in which they find difficulty. Past papers provide all information of upcoming exam whether it is the style of question or length of the exam paper. This website is created for both English and Urdu medium type of students. They can get their type of all papers by selecting their medium All those students who face difficulty in preparing objective part of paper they could not get the idea how to attempt objective part of exam they can get the solution of this problem from Past, This website contains both objectives and subjective types of past exam paper for all students. when I was teaching in a school I have seen many students who know the answer of the question but get confused about thinking how to write answer of this question I use to suggest them to practice solved past papers Past papers are like test papers that make your level of exam preparation from the level of better to best. Past contains old papers of both arts and science group students. Students can get up to date past papers of last ten years old exam. Mostly student faces the problematic situation on mathematics and gets supply in this subject I am sure about It if they prepare last five years pas papers of the mathematics of BISE Sawat they would be able to get good passing marks on this subject. Past paper practicing provides many guess papers that are often repeated. The past Often repeated question can also be a part of the forthcoming exam. Past papers are really very useful all those students who practice sit confidently and attempt very well on the actual day of exam it is not easy to pass should try to focus on their preparation Instead of finding short cut method. Short cut methods only destroy the future of students