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Are you worried about your 9th class exam? All students who are going to perform on the board of intermediate and secondary education Malakand and in need of any help I have a solution for all of them. In our society 9th and 10th class, students are like stars that are going to be shine. Everyone expects a lot whether they are Parents, Teachers, and relatives. All of them wait for the result of the 9th class students. I have seen many students who get depressed and start searching short cut method without knowing that short cut always becomes a cause of failure in every field of life.




I am writing this article because I want to help others by informing them much other easy methods instead of the short cut method. Firstly students of the 9th class should try to focus on their studies from the start of the session. Secondly the main reason for failure among many students is a lot of cell phone usage, increasing use of cell phones not only waste your time but also it is scientifically proved that excess use of cell phone becomes a cause of depression among youngsters so Please stop spending too much time on this device Try to give time to your studies and family. Let’s come to the point about student’s exam preparation and about the helping Tips and Techniques. Past papers online for 9th grade are very useful for all students in many ways. They help to provide the type of exam length and style questions. The number of multiple choices style in which multiple choices could be asked. In short past papers gave the idea about the paper pattern. Students should not need to search anywhere for past exam papers they could get all papers online from a very best website known as past One of the most efficient website that contains a collection of old papers. 9th class students can get past papers of all their subjects Science students can get all science subjects up to date past papers as well as arts students can also collect their data Arts students mostly felt problem in preparing mathematics subject many students even could not get passing marks in mathematics they should try to prepare for the last ten years past papers of math subject by preparing ten years old paper they would be surely able to get passing marks. Students should prepare at least last five years past papers of every subject of 9th class from this website Malakand is not like a big city so Students of Malakand can also study online from past, They can view and download past papers by installing past website on their mobile phones and tablets. By using this feature students can save all data of their choice within a few minutes. All Students of Malakand Board who are studying in English medium schools can get their English medium type of past papers just on one click. Both English and Urdu medium students can download all data according to their need. Students should focus on both objective and subjective type of paper. All students who are preparing from past can get both objective types papers for English medium. If students prepare both subjective and objective type of ten five years past papers then there will b no chance left for their failure. I am sure if they work hard they will get good marks. Hard work and practice is a key to successfully learn to manage time by practicing old papers. Students should try to sit in a separate room and attempt past paper as they are performing on exam room this exercise will help a lot in reducing the fear of exam among every student and on the actual day of exam they will never feel any difficulty and laziness in completing question paper. They would be able to attempt answer according to the exact time provided to them. It’s a time to change luck so keep focus and stay relax. Get all past papers of KPK board here.