Computer Science Federal Board Past Paper | Objective Papers of Computer Science FSC Part 2

Past paper of previous years of Federal Board:

If you are finding past paper of previous years, you are at the right set. is the only lay where you can easily get prior years past papers of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Computer Science paper.

Comp-Science long and short question paper for class 12th

Abstract paper of final year of FBISE is the majority vital and devours extra time of candidate to prepare it and to attempt it. There are mostly succinct and full elucidations queries. As well as it has two to three basic languages prologue and briefed coding parts.

You can get first-class papers groundwork by amending your paper from past five years papers and compose your accomplishment your aim as well as make your future shine.

CS MCQ’s past papers FBISE for the 2nd year

FBISE arranges Cs (computer science) textbook for the highlighting on the acquaintance of candidates. Most of the part of final exams is habitually from this portion by Federal Board Intermediate and Secondary Education.  Best thing to demeanor to sure your marks is learning objective inter part 2 past exams papers of Computer science.


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