Biology Rawalpindi Board Past Paper for Inter FSC Part Two

Biology pat papers from Rawalpindi Board:

Most students are on the mistake on this point that the subjective past paper of Bio would be from the question which is given at the last of the chapter but it is not actually true. Mostly examiner makes paper from the reading and makes it conceptual. He is trying to check out the capability of the student that can they work by their mind or just learns from the book.

Every student should have to at least read the five-year papers of all boards to give their best in exams.

Rawalpindi Board Biology past papers 2019:

The objective paper has 40 to 45 percent of the total paper. Students should have to prepare the subjective as well as objects to get good grades in the exams. Some objective questions are from the end of the chapter and some from the reading. So, Students have to prepare the whole chapter for the objective paper.  


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