Past Papers of Urdu 1st year Sahiwal Board 2019

Urdu is our national language. Urdu intermediate part 1 sahiwal board is a compulsory subject in our country. Normally, students take this subject very easy. But it is actually a very difficult subject. It contains different parts. It includes a section called “Nasar”. Apart from this, it also includes sections of poems and ghazals. In this subject we learn urdu thoroughly. Actually urdu is very difficult and beautiful language. So we have provided you the past papers of urdu 1st year sahiwal board so that you can learn about their exam techniques.


In the subject of urdu inter part 1 sahiwal board the students come to know about the difference between the urdu that we speak and the real urdu. It also includes a grammar part for this. In the examination, 11th class urdu sahiwal board subject have many sections. First is the objective part which contains MCQs from the text book and the grammar. The second is subjective part. In this, first comes question and answers. Then the explanation of one or two paragraphs from the book. It also contains some poetries from book of urdu 1st year sahiwal board. It also includes summary of any chapter from book, writing an essay on any topic, comprehension, letters, application, dialogues etc.


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