Past Papers of Urdu 1st year Federal Board 2019

It is obious that if you are not good in urdu then it is a shamful thing for you because it is our national language and we should learn this language and this subject with perfection. The students of intermediate part 1 Federal board usually don't give time to Urdu 1st year Federal board which is not good. As they don't pay attention to urdu 1st year that is why they lose their maximum marks in Urdu. Urdu 1st year is a subject in which it is obvious that marks will be deducted even if you have attempted full paper. 


As i said that urdu 1st year federal board is the subjects that deducts the maximum marks from your total, you should pay attention to this subject. Urdu 1st year federal board exam is depended upon some factors i,e, hand writing, good memory, creativity. First you should have a good hand writing which is the most important factor. Some students don't work on their hand writing and then can't understand that why the marks were deducted. Actually the main reason of marks deduction is handwriting. The second one factor is good memory. Yes, good memory is needed for urdu 1st year federal board exam because there are so much authors and poets names that you should memorize. Then the last factor is creativity. If you are creative than you can attempt the exam with perfection because a student with creative mind can create any essay or paragraph with in a minute. Those were some factors to pass the exam of urdu 1st year federal board.


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