Past Papers of Urdu 1st year Bahawalpur Board 2019

We always take Urdu 1st year bahawalpur board  as an easy and simple subject. And we always bear the loss of that negligence. Because there are so many marks deducted in the exam of urdu inter part 1 of bahawalpur board. We can get rid of this deduction by preparing this subject in a right way that is all the poems, and lessons. If you are worried about exam of urdu 1st year bahawalpur board then i wanna tell you that you can prepare this subject by using 1st year urdu past papers of bahawalpur board.


Urdu is specifically spoken in indo pak probably among the muslims. Actually this language is evolved by absorbing different languages such as Arabic, Turkish, & Persian. It contains a beautiful vocabolary and very nice words in it. It is considered as the best language for poetry because of its flower like words. So it is very important to study urdu 1st year bahawalpur board so that you can be able to understand the poetry of the big poets like Ahmed Faraz, Faiz ahmed Faiz, Johm Elia, Jigar Muraadabadi, Meer Anees, Mir Taqi Mir & the one and only Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal who mostly wrote the motivational and revolutionary poems for the youngsters.


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