Past Papers of English 1st year Bahawalpur Board 2019

Most of the students learn the english vocabolary and get trained in tenses but when it comes to actually speaking with native speakers they fail because of low confidence. So you need to watch English movies and sports with commentary because In reality, the only way to develop flow in speaking is by huge amounts of listening, and then practicing. I wanna give you a few tips for improving English speaking skills. Don’t forget that listening is the base for speaking! When you also want to practice speaking.


Here are some suggestions for how to improve English speaking skills. You have to build up your confidence and also you need to think yourself a good English speaker. Because this all is a mind game. If your mind knows that you are a perfect speaker of English then you are a good English speaker. So I want to tell you that just believe in yourself because the expert in anything was once a beginner. If you understand this quote you will be able to believe in yourself and then you can learn any language and you can speak it with any kind of a language expert. If anyone pushes you towards the land then don’t lose hope and keep trying because you only fail when you stop trying.


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