11th Class Statistics Lahore Board Past Papers 2019

Past papers of statistics icom part 1 lahore board are available on our website for the convenience of the students of i.com part 1 lahore board as they are often worried about their annual board exams of 11th class lahore board. As we all know that every good student is always worried about his preparation of exams so the students of inter part 1 lahore board take their exams very seriously because they think of their bright fulture and want to secure their future.


The subject statistics 1st year lahore board is the most tough and difficult subject for the students of icom part 1 lahore board because of its confusing and time taking problems. It contains so many difficult formulas and derivations. This subject is quite similar to mathematcis because it contains many formulas derived from maths. So the students of lahore board inter part 1 usually take this subject as a milesone because they feel that they can not prepare the full syllabus of statsitics 11th class lahore board. We want to give a suggestion to the students of icom part 1 lahore board to use the past papers of 11th class statistics lahore board during their studies because they can take help from past papers in their preparation of exams.


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