11th Class Punjabi Past Papers Lahore Board 2019

Past papers of punjabi 11th class lahore board are very hardly available in the markets so the students of inter part 1 lahore board face so many difficulties while searching the past papers in printed form. As we all know that it is the era of digital and electronics so why don't you use past papers of inter part 1 punjabi lahore board in the digital form. We have uploaded all these documents in the scanned format so that the students of fa part 1 lahore board can see them online or also can download them in their devices.


Punjabi 11th class lahore board is a quite easy and simple subject but contains a heavy syllabus. Students of fa part 1 lahore board face many difficulties in writing Punjabi because they usually write urdu with those alphabets which are used in Punjabi too. They also get tensed while learning the poetry and stories of Punjabi 1st year lahore board because the names of authors and poets are too difficult for the students of 11th class lahore board. You are advised to do the preparations of the annual exam of 11th class punjabi lahore board with the help of past papers of 11th class punjabi lahore board because they can help you in the preparation by sharing your burden.


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