Past Papers of Islamiat 1st year Sargodha Board 2019

Our belief is that the study of Islamiat is our religion obligation. It is directly connected to with our hearts. We take it too seriously as we don't want to cheat in this subject. however the cheating is a bad thing for every subject but we particularly take islamiat seriously. If you don't want to cheat in this holy subject, you have to prepare it with perfection which can be only done with the help of past papers of Islamiat 1st year sargodha board 2019 and other previous years.


You will be given totally two (2) hours to attempt the full paper. These two ours will be divided into two parts i,e, fifteen (15) minutes for objective (multiple choice questions) and 1:45 hours for the subjective which contains eighteen short questions and 3 long question but you have to attempt only twelve short questions and two long questions. It is very hard to manage this short time according to all the questions. You have to practice the time management of this exam which can be only done by the practice of past papers of islamiat 1st year sargodha board. By using past papers of sargodha baord islamiat 1st year you will be able to decide that which qustion should you attempt first because you will be well known of all the strategies of exams.


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