Past Papers of Islamiat 1st year Sahiwal Board 2019

Islam is our religion. We must know the basics of Islam. In the subject of Islamiyat of intermediate part 1 sahiwal board helps us in learning the laws of Islam. In this subject the students of sahiwal board inter part 1 come to know a lot about Islam. They understand their religion better. Their thoughts about their religions become clear. They also learn the Verses and Surah of the Holy Quran. It increases their knowledge of Islam.



Students of 11th class sahiwal board will become able to understand God’s will. They will become able to learn few basic words of Arabic. They will be able to do good deeds to please Allah Almighty. In this subject, few veses of the Holy Quran and some Ahadith if Holy Prophet (S.A.W) are given. It also includes some chapters about basic factors of Islam. The students of inter part 1 sahiwal board should learn the verses by learning and understanding the meanings of the words. They should learn what is the meaning of the order of Allah. They should learn the Ahadith very carefully as these are the orders passed by Allah. The students should focus on this subject to get good marks in exams.


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