Past Papers of Islamiat 1st year Gujranwala Board 2019

Check the past papers of Islamiat 1st year gujranwala board on this section. We provide you all the latest past papers of islamiat inter part 1 gujranwala board on a single page. We hope that this will be convenient for the students of intermediate part 1 to see these papers because it will save their time and effort. Click on the links below, get the past papers of islamiat 1st year gujranwala board and enjoy your studies. Good luck for your exams.



As we all know that Pakistan is a Muslim country and their is a majority of muslims in this country that is why Islamiat subject have a particular respect and it is a religious obligation of the students to prepare this subject. We also know that it is quite difficult subject because it also contains a heavy sallybus and so much content in it. It contains the chapters, surahs. verses of Quran and other religious things. It is the game of memory to prepare this subject for exams. Past papers of islamiat 1st year are designed to help the students as they can see what type of questions are asked generally in exams and also the verses and ahaadith to prepare. The candidates will have to pay little more attention to this subject because it is a tough subject so if they want to perform well in exam they have to give time to this subject which generally most of the students don;t give.


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