11th Class Islamiat Elective Past Papers Lahore Board 2019

Whenever we talk about the easiest subjects in our syllabus, there is a subject on the top of the list which is known as Islamiat elective 1st year Lahore board. Yes it is the thinking of almost 90% students of inter part 1 Lahore board that 11th class islamiat elective Lahore board is an easy and simple subject and can be prepared few days before exams. But when exam of inter part 1 islamiat elective Lahore board comes closer, they start losing the hope because of its heavy syllabus and get worried about the preparation of whole textbook.



Islamiat Elective Past Papers


Islamiat Elective Past Papers


Rather than studying and learning the whole textbook of islamiat elective 1st year Lahore board, it is better to use past papers of 11th class islamiat elective Lahore board because they can help you to cover the important topics from the book of islamiat elective 1st year Lahore board. Let's talk about the syllabus of islamiat elective inter part 1 Lahore board. It contains many verses of HOLY QURAN and ahadith's of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). As this stuff is in arabic language so it is very hard to learn and memorize all of them. It also contains the disputes between Muslims and Non-muslims and also covers the eras of first four Caliphs i,e Hazrat Abu Bakar(ra) Hazrat Umer(ra) Hazrat Usman(ra) & Hazrat Ali ibn e Abi talib(as).


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