11th Class Islamiat DG Khan Board Past Paper

Islamiat 1st year dg khan board is a subject which is completely related to our religion. Facts about our religion are described and explained in this subject. Different facts about Islam are described clarified in this. Islam is a true religion. Its commands are very clear. In this subject, different factors of universe are explained in Islam. In this subject, students of inter part 1 D.G Khan board can become able to explain in detail the basic principals of our religion. Students of 11th class D.G Khan board generally do not worry about this subject much. 


It is a compulsory and very important subject. If they do not learn it carefully it can effect their result badly. Even a verse is very important in this subject. It contains many important marks in examination of islamiat 1st year D.G Khan board. Students of inter part 1 D.G Khan board should take much interest in this subject as it is linked with their religion. If they pay much attention to this subject, they would get better grades in examination. Past papers of islamiat 1st year dg khan board will help you in the preparation of the exam of islamiat inter part 1 dg khan board by giving you the easy way to prepare the full syllabus. Islamiat 1st year dg khan board is not a simple subject because of its arabic verses and ahadiths and many long topics.


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