11th Class History Lahore Board Past Papers 2019

Most of the time, the students of fa part 1 lahore board don't get serious will studying the syllabus of 11th class History Lahore Board because they feel that it is a useless subject which is a wrong thinking and should be changed. Usually they don't take interest in this subject and when the exam comes, they can't even attempt the full paper and lose alots of marks. Losing marks in any subject can affect your total percentage which matters alot for your further studies.


As the name of the subject is showing that it is all about the history. As I said above that students of lahore board 11th class usually don't take this subject seriously which teases them during the exams so students of inter part 1 lahore board should take it seriously because it is an interesting subject. It contains many interesting stories based on real incidents. History of inter part 1 lahore board is full of adventurous incidents as there is lots of suspence in them. It deals with the events of Muslims enterance in Sub-continent. It also contains the stories of Sultan's and Kings who ruled on Sub-continent. It also describes that how they destroyed their own kingdoms with their negligence. I am 100% sure that you will find this subject interesting because of such interesting stories.


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