11th Class English DG Khan Board Past Paper

English  is such a subject wich is very tough for students of intermediate part 1 D.G Khan board. They get usually less marks in this subject because of their weak English. This subject is compulsory and students of 1st year D.G Khan board learn this subject very hardly. Their attention is mostly towards the difficult subjects like bio, physics, or chemistry. Therefore, they ignore this subject and get low marks which affect their result much. Students of 11th class D.G Khan board should prepare a proper schedule for this subject. 


They should pay special attention to this subject. They should not waste their time. Else, they should learn this subject carefully specially during examination of inter part 1 D.G. Khan board. Their complete attention should be given to studies during examination. They should completely focus on their studies at least a month before examination of 1st year D.G Khan board. We have made the availablity of past papers of english 1st year dg khan board possible for the students of 11th class dg khan board students because we care about the students studies and their better future. And we wish all the students a better result and better future.


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