10th Class Subject Physics Lahore Board Past Paper

The past papers of 10 th class Physics subject for both Urdu and English Medium students are available on this page. The past papers of 10 th class Physics of group 1 and group2 are enlisted below. The students will not have to waste their time in searching; the objective type and subjective type papers are both available here. The students can access them in just one click.

Preparing for 10 th class examinations by taking guidance from past papers is a tried and tested formula of success. The past papers are helpful in preparations for BISE Boards in following ways:

  • Understanding the Pattern Of BISE Boards Examinations
  • Understanding the Division of Marks for Each Section
  • Source Of Practicing the BISE Boards Examinations
  • Building Confidence for Attempting BISE Board Examinations
  • Scheduling the revision session based on Past papers
  • Learning of complete syllabus by attempting past papers of last five years
  • Absolute Preparations Covering all aspects of BISE Boards

The subject of Physics in 10 th class is consisted of conceptual and numerical questions both. Like mathematics, Physics is highly scoring subject, if the students have practiced the numerical well they can score 100% marks. Learning the definitions of concepts of Physics same as they are will also secure you full marks. Although the science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology are considered as difficult, but they are highly scoring unlike theoretical subjects.

Similarly in Physics, the success is dependent upon how well you practice it. For this prospect, learning from past paper can guarantee complete service. Another factor which has added success quality in past papers is the understanding of the pattern in which questions are being asked in BISE examinations. Despite having learnt complete syllabus, the students of 10 th class get confused by the questions and miss the marks. It is because the questions are being designed in an indirect or inverse manner.

The BISE Boards have to test the intellectual ability of students in grasping questions and to make them eligible enough to meet the international standards of matriculation, the questions are asked differently than they are present in Books. It confuses the students and as result they miss to score the marks. Therefore, learning from the past papers will save you from this damage and help you understand how BISE boards designs the questions?

Moreover, in Objective Type Paper too, the questions are mostly derived from within the chapters and each portion of the Syllabus is being covered. The students have to study their syllabus thoroughly. The rising competition is another factor enabling BISE Boards to develop a more difficult pattern of examinations at matriculation level. A large number of students pass with extremely shinning marks, in fact, the merit for admissions in Colleges after matriculation falls by one or two points.

This overly raised competition level has also put extreme pressure on students. Evidently, preparing from past papers can be substituted with any other testing sessions as they are official testing sessions of BISE Boards.


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