10th Class Subject Islamiat Lahore Board Past Paper

The subject of Islamiat is considered as an easy subject at matriculation level but it requires concise and characteristic studies. Especially the portion of translating the Ayahs’ into Urdu Language must be done with utter perfection and without any mistake. Most of the students fail to realize the importance of subject of Islamiat from educational and religious point of view both and only pay attention to other subjects. When in reality, Islamiat is equally or more important than the rest of the subjects in 9th and 10th class.

10th class Islamiat paper is worth 50 marks. The subjective type paper for both Urdu and English medium students is worth 40 marks and the objective type paper for Urdu and English medium students both is worth 10 marks. The objective type paper is consisted of 10 MCQ’s each worth one mark. The subjective type paper of 10th Islamiat is consisted of 5 questions. The BISE Board Lahore has made division of marks equally from the entire syllabus of book. The students can’t skip any portion of their syllabus because the marks have been divided in that manner.

The marking system at Board exams is not easy to understand. Especially, in theoretical subjects like islamiat, the students have to answer the questions in length and also based on actual facts. In Board Exams every single mark counts in making merit for admissions in high class colleges for intermediate level. Therefore, preparing for exams in 10th class properly is very important. In this prospect, preparations for 10th class Islamiat examination from past papers can help the students immensely in understanding the pattern and division of marks.

Preparations for 10th class examinations from past papers are considered as an easiest formula to achieve highest marks. The learners from past papers skim through their entire syllabus from examinations point of view and also can evaluate their learnt and un-learnt topics. Before appearing in final exams, the students would get to go through board examinations several times by reading past papers and hence equip themselves with practice and confidence. Another major thing in Board examinations after learning the exact pattern is to understand the manner in which questions are asked.

The questions in Board examination of Islamiat 10th class are taken from in between the chapters and asked in inverse manner. This becomes a source of confusion for the students who have not understood the pattern of BISE Board examinations. Even though they had learnt everything, still the students fail to understand what they have asked about and lose marks despite of hard work and extensive learning.

Preparations are important but more important is effective preparations. Nothing can be more effective way of preparing for BISE Lahore Board examinations than learning from past papers. It is almost guaranteed that if a student has learnt the entire questions from BISE Lahore Board past papers of last five years of any subject including Islamiat, then scoring highest marks is not a problem.


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