10th Class Subject Civics Lahore Board Past Paper

The subject of civics is related with the study of rights and duties of citizens. It is an important subject for humanities group in 9th and 10th class. Students can score high marks in this subject because it has wide scoring margin. On academic point of view, the subject of civics is related to human rights, law, history and politics.

The book of civics for 10th class is consisted of wide range of concepts and theories. It is quite an interesting subject. The study of civics has implementation in our daily life therefore students find the learning of this subject easy and palpable. The apprehensive able approach of civics subject has made it a popular choice among matriculation students.

Especially for those students who want to make a career in law, studying civics in matriculation level proves to be very helpful. Preparing for the annual examination from past papers is the most effective way. The pattern of paper can be better understood. Although, civics is mainly a theoretical subject, but it has numerous definitions of concepts of law. The BISE Lahore boards designs its examinations papers with complete detailing, all the important concepts and topics are specifically questioned in annual examinations.

Through study of past papers, a student can prepare all the topics of the book in chronicle manner. The examination criterion of BISE Board Lahore is to ensure the passing candidates are eligible and qualified to meet the international standards of matriculation level. Therefore, the board sets a certain difficulty level for annual papers each year and updates it with new international pattern. The examination standard of Board is comparatively difficult from send up examinations of schools.

It ever so happens that the students have prepared from the complete book but fail to score good marks in board examinations. It is because of lack of knowledge regarding pattern of Board examinations. The content of questions in objective type and subjective type papers in BISE Lahore Board is mostly taken from within the chapters. Only those students can score well in board exams who have read the book thoroughly.

Whereas, learning the past papers of 10th class BISE Lahore Board of last 5 years of any subject can prove to be a road map of easy preparations schedule. A student can learn his/hers complete book and prepare complete subjective and objective paper through learning from past papers.

The Objective paper of civics is consisted 15 multiple choice questions (MCQs) worth 15 marks. The subjective paper is consisted of 2 sections: first section consisted of short questions and the second section consisted of long questions. The subjective type paper is worth 60 marks.

The BISE Lahore Board civics paper is designed in a manner to make the student able to score good marks and it is also covers questions from every part of the book. Our Website updates annual and supplementary papers and results of BISE Lahore board of every subject each year for assisting our readers in preparing exams.


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