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1Past Papers 2017 is created to provide all the past papers (Up to date papers, previous year papers) to the students of Pakistan. We have uploaded all the past papers of different classes. All the past papers of different boards and universities are available on our website.If there is any student of any class who is preparing for his/her exams, he/she can find all the past papers of all subjects for any board or university from We have made different sections. When a user will click on any class, he will be given the option to select any educational board or university, when he will select the board or university, there will be the option to select the subject and then the required year. This is the procedure to get any past paper.

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Past Papers are the best way to prepare the exams. If a student have started his preparation of exams and has less time to prepare a heavy syllabus then the past papers can help him in preparing the exam. Usually every student is fond of past papers but some of them can't find because of unavailablity of past papers in the markets. We have taken this step to help those students who are unable to get past papers from stores.

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